Inform. Engage. Sell.

Essential Presence Internet MarketingAt its simplest, these are the things a business can do on the Internet. Deciding how you do these things, though, involves myriad and complex choices.

We help you understand, weigh and choose the best options for you. We work with you to create a plan that integrates your Internet activity with your total marketing program.

As a full-service organization, we can implement our recommendations, or help you work with your existing staff or outside vendors. The choice is yours, because we’re not as concerned with doing the work as we are that the work is done right.

Consulting & Management

Our full-service capabilities and strategic marketing orientation give you a resource for counsel, planning, management and vendor oversight to ensure that your programs perform the way you expect them to.

Web Site Development

We will work with you to develop a Web presence that meets your specific needs while supporting your overall marketing goals and objectives. We develop “hand-crafted” HTML sites, as well as sites using open source CMS and e-commerce platforms.

Online Marketing

Once your Web site is built, the hard work of getting people to visit begins. We work with you to determine the best combination of online marketing tools and channels to reach your target audiences.

Contact us today to learn about how we can help you develop and implement effective Internet marketing activities.