Yes, This is a WordPress Site

We’re in the process of converting the Essential Presence site to the WordPress platform.

Some of you who know me may be surprised by this. Even though I’ve always been a big fan of WordPress for blogging, I’ve been less enthusiastic about its use as a full-on CMS for Web site. But it’s become a quite good CMS, and I recommend it wholeheartedly depending on the site objectives.

EP is moving in a direction where our site objectives are well met by WordPress as CMS, so here we go.

We’re in Phase 1 of the conversion of the live site. So far, so good.

About Lee Stral

Lee is a marketing consultant who has specialized in Internet marketing and Web site development since the Internet first showed promise as a marketing channel. Prior to founding Essential Presence, he was partner in an integrated marketing communications agency working with technology, professional service and non-profit organizations.