Google to Increase Penalties on Doorway Pages

Doorway pages, once a favorite tool for search engine optimization, for some time now have been frowned upon by search engines. Now, Google has announced a “ranking adjustment” that will severely penalize doorways, and marketers who use doorways will feel the pain.

Doorways are standalone pages or sites designed to rank highly for specific keywords. They are intended to funnel visitors to other content that may or may not be related to the search queries they are optimized for. Successful doorways can garner multiple returns in search results that lead to essentially the same destination, reducing the usefulness of the search results. [Read more…]

Getting a “Like” over Having a Life

This really shouldn’t be a surprise, but it seems as if we’ve become obsessed with sharing every little bit or our lives with whatever known and unknown people we can reach via our social media accounts. [Read more…]

Google Giving You Until April 21 to be Mobile Friendly

Beginning April 21, Google will begin using mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. That means sites that aren’t mobile friendly will be pushed down the search results page, if not penalized more severely.

Google has a page where you can test your site to see if it’s mobile friendly. There’s also a Google guide to making your site mobile friendly.

Your Webmaster Tools account also will give you a full list of mobile usability issues.

Are You Ready for Ads that Talk Back?

Ready or not, here they come, via Nuance.

Dubbed “Voice Ads,” Nuance says their new mobile advertising format  not only is engaging and entertaining, but conversational, as well. [Read more…]

So, Now You Don’t Trust Google?

As a heavy Google Reader user and longtime Google skeptic, I have mixed feelings about the coming demise of Reader. On the one hand, I will miss it greatly. It’s how I keep up with, well, almost everything. There isn’t a service or app I use more. But I don’t share in the outrage and feelings of betrayal that seem to have washed over the mass of Reader users

I find the idea that people won’t use Google Keep because they can no longer trust Google to be particularly amusing. This “Google can’t be trusted” reaction, combined with the shock that Google would kill Reader without so much as a “by your leave,” makes me wonder what company they’ve been dealing with over the years. It certainly isn’t the Google I know. [Read more…]

Google Debuts “Shopping for Suppliers”

Having spent a good number of years in the electronics OEM business, the announcement of Google Shopping for Suppliers got my attention. Google appears to be building a search version of the print product tabloid for engineers and purchasing agents, that, like all Google products, can become a game changer for marketers.

Right now, many companies are listed on, but not integrated into, Google Shopping for Suppliers. Rather, Google scraped data from their Web sites and uses it to fill out the system as it’s built. For the full benefit, you need to be a “Google Verified” supplier. [Read more…]

Newegg Wins Appeal Against Shopping Cart Patent Troll

Online retailer Newegg took the road less traveled, deciding to go to court and fight rather than pay a royalty to patent troll Soverain. The ruling is important news for all e-commerce companies, since Soverain had been making claims that could have required royalty (and damage) payments from virtually any site using a “shopping cart.”

The January 22 Federal appeals court ruling was unanimous and invalidated all patents that Soverain had asserted against Newegg. That ruling reverses a trial result in Soverain’s favor, and while Soverain may appeal, it seems unlikely that the appeals court ruling would be overturned. [Read more…]

Yes, This is a WordPress Site

We’re in the process of converting the Essential Presence site to the WordPress platform.

Some of you who know me may be surprised by this. Even though I’ve always been a big fan of WordPress for blogging, I’ve been less enthusiastic about its use as a full-on CMS for Web site. But it’s become a quite good CMS, and I recommend it wholeheartedly depending on the site objectives.

EP is moving in a direction where our site objectives are well met by WordPress as CMS, so here we go.

We’re in Phase 1 of the conversion of the live site. So far, so good.