Google Debuts “Shopping for Suppliers”

Having spent a good number of years in the electronics OEM business, the announcement of Google Shopping for Suppliers got my attention. Google appears to be building a search version of the print product tabloid for engineers and purchasing agents, that, like all Google products, can become a game changer for marketers.

Right now, many companies are listed on, but not integrated into, Google Shopping for Suppliers. Rather, Google scraped data from their Web sites and uses it to fill out the system as it’s built. For the full benefit, you need to be a “Google Verified” supplier. [Read more…]

Newegg Wins Appeal Against Shopping Cart Patent Troll

Online retailer Newegg took the road less traveled, deciding to go to court and fight rather than pay a royalty to patent troll Soverain. The ruling is important news for all e-commerce companies, since Soverain had been making claims that could have required royalty (and damage) payments from virtually any site using a “shopping cart.”

The January 22 Federal appeals court ruling was unanimous and invalidated all patents that Soverain had asserted against Newegg. That ruling reverses a trial result in Soverain’s favor, and while Soverain may appeal, it seems unlikely that the appeals court ruling would be overturned. [Read more…]