Silk, an Interactive Art Generator

Silk Interactive Art GeneratorSilk is a wonderful interactive site for creating art using patterns created by “silk” threads.

Click and hold your mouse on the screen canvas and pattern emerge and grow. Drag, swirl, zig or zag to add new patterns. There’s a controls for symmetry: vertical to mirror the pattern on either side, four-way to addthe  top and bottom, or none to disable symmetry completely. [Read more…]

Wordplay with Visuwords

VisuwordsIf you like playing with words, you’ll love Visuwords.  Might even learn something, too.

Type in a word and click enter. Or just click “Random.” Either way, a network of “synsets” (a node with a single word that represent a group of related words) pops up. Roll your mouse over a node, and a definition and synonyms appear.  Double-click on a node and it expands with more, related words.  Keep doing that and your browser soon is filled with a network of words that can improve even the most expansive mental lexicon.  (Found that searching for “vocabulary”.) [Read more…]