About Essential Presence

Essential Presence TeamEssential Presence was founded in 1995 to provide Web site development and Internet marketing services from a strategic, rather than a tactical, orientation. At the time, there were any number of coders creating Web pages, but very few marketing people.

While that has changed dramatically over the years, online marketing today still is heavily focused on tactics over strategies. How the tactic relates to an objective is forgotten, if even considered. The results are measured based on the tactic, not the overall objective of the business.

That’s not how we work. We start with learning your objectives and developing a strategy to meet them. If you want a Web site, we first make sure we understand what you want it to do. We make sure we know how it fits with and supports your overall marketing program. If you want a content marketing program, we make sure we understand your target audience, what they are need and how your product or service fulfills that need.

We want to be involved in every aspect of your Internet marketing, but even if it’s just one project, we’ll learn how it relates to your total program before we start work.

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