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Are You Ready for Ads that Talk Back?

Ready or not, here they come, via Nuance.

Dubbed “Voice Ads,” Nuance says their new mobile advertising format  not only is engaging and entertaining, but conversational, as well. [Read more…]

Bad Backlinks Might Not Hurt Your SEO

So, why do some sites with what appear to be low quality backlinks get past Penguin and do exceedingly well on Google search? According to Matt Cutts, one reason is that “the algorithms haven’t gotten good enough yet” to catch them.

Really? The algorithm is good enough to punish sites so severely that they lose virtually all their organic-driven business, but it’s not good enough to penalize competitors using Russian link networks or keyword-rich anchor links in the footers of low-quality blogs? (I thought it was an isolated case, until I saw a comment from someone with the same problem.) [Read more…]